Hello my name is Dolly and I am the Princess around here.  I keep the boys in line when they are not behaving and make sure the farm is always looking its best.  I am not a big fan of accessorizing as you will find me without my harness on 85% of the time.  I stand about 16 hands and weigh about 1500 lbs.  I come from an Amish community and absolutely love being at Heritage Hills Farm.  At night you will find that I walk myself directly into my stall all by myself!  When you come and visit remember I LOVE apples and carrots.


Hey guys I hope you liked my girl Dolly.  We were matched by Mr. Bruce and then brought to southern Vermont to give sleigh and wagon rides to families, friends and couples.  You may have recognized me from my previous place of employment at Okemo giving sleigh rides.  I am happy to be in the Killington area with Dolly enjoying the views of Pico and Killington Mountain while grazing in our pastures.  Just like Dolly I am belgian draft horse standing at 16 hands.